Tribe 12 Fellowship Alumni

  • 2011

Laurel Klein

Cafe Olam

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Venture Description

Cafe Olam is a non profit venue that serves as a world cafe; integrating arts, music, a locavore menu of ethically kosher food and drink, and community fostered social and social action programming.

Cafe Olam offers a relaxed, non-coercive environment conducive to formal and informal Jewish connections, and opportunities for leadership and networking. For young adults, the model of Cafe Olam promotes the reclamation of Jewish identity on their own terms.

About the Founder

An Austin, Texas transplant, Laurel Klein comes to Philly with her partner (Rodeph Shalom Rabbi) Eli Freedman. With an MSW from UT and Jewish Non-Profit Management from HUC, experience in event planning, Jewish environmental education and many years in food service, Laurel aims to synthesize her passions to promote sustainable community that combines culture, the environment, and Judaism. Laurel and Eli live in Graduate Hospital where they brew, play ukulele, cook and enjoy local brewpubs.


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