Tribe 12 Fellowship Alumni

  • 2014

Lauren Somers

Shine Dance Studio

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Venture Description

Shine Dance Studio will provide a professional and exciting place for Jewish girls to discover their uniqueness through dance. The focus of the studio is on the importance of modesty and developing a healthy sense of self esteem and body image. Walk in, learn to dance, and let your true self shine. Shine will also be geared to the schedule of the observant community. The greater Jewish community will have a chance to send their girls to a class where they won’t have to miss any classes because of Shabbat or holidays and they will be able to participate in performances because they will take place in a modest environment that befits Jewish girls of all backgrounds.

About the Founder

Lauren Somers is passionate about improving the lives of others through dance. As a former dancer, she knows the value and impact that results from self expression. In addition, Lauren strives to impart Jewish values such as modesty and a healthy self esteem. Lauren is committed to helping others tap into their core values and strengths on the dance floor. She is a dedicated wife and loving mother of four children.


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