Tribe 12 Fellowship Alumni

  • 2018

Lindsay Tabas

Lady Engineer

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Coach: Matt Handel
Peer: Morgan Berman

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram

Venture Description

Under the Lady Engineer™, Lindsay offers her clients and community the opportunity to choose a different path forward towards our future. Do you want the robots to take over? Cool, she doesn’t either. With entrepreneurs, Lindsay helps them sell the right product before investing too much building the wrong one. For her audience, Lindsay creatively paints a picture and tells original stories that show how we all can make choices to use machines, instead of machines using us.

About the Founder

Lindsay T is our Lady Engineer™. She began developing software in 2002 while studying engineering in college. She translates two languages: (1) people and psychology, with (2) engineers and technology. Over 15 years, she has worked with over 100 startups and investors, as well as teams across Fortune 500 companies. She’s in her 5th year of working full-time on her consulting practice.


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