Tribe 12 Fellowship Alumni

  • 2024

Matthew Saul Pohubka

Venture Name: Anonymous By Saul

Coach: Matt Pincus


Venture Description

There’s a gap in the Philly pizza scene: stella pizzas, which are shaped like a star, with their edges stuffed with things like cheese, meat, etc. They’re incredibly versatile pies that offer a unique experience to the customer and a level of culinary flexibility for the chef. There’s also an incredible market for more intimate, sustainable dining experiences.

For this reason, the market is ripe for a small restaurant with 12-16 seats, where all diners are served by the 3-5 kitchen staff working each day, with a menu that features stella and neapolitan style pizza, seasonal appetizers and entrees, and an occasional tasting menu. Matt also wants to drive special focus to Jewish-inspired dishes around certain Jewish holidays as an homage to his heritage and the ever-growing popularity of “fusion” dishes. Additionally, he’d like to have a “community fridge” and, as possible, wants to offer an “open kitchen” to provide dignified meals and/or cooking classes to unhoused/hungry neighbors by partnering with local shelters and nonprofits.

Lastly, he would love to develop a scaling/funding model that allows him to do profit-shares and donate a certain percentage of profits to a rotating list of local nonprofits.

About the Founder

Matt is an experienced and dedicated chef with a Bachelor of Science in Culinary Arts degree from The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College in West Philly. He was born and raised in Northeast Philly by his “village:” his mom who is a Hebrew School teacher and Philadelphia Family Court administrator, his dad who is a first generation American veteran and mechanic whose parents escaped a German concentration camp, and his grandparents who raised him on the Jewish values of Tikkun Olam (repairing the world) and V’ahavta L’re’acha Kamocha (loving your neighbor as you do yourself).

Since he was a little boy, his love of food and the art of cooking has guided him on the path towards becoming a chef. But Matt’s greatest dream is to be able to use his cooking skills to help the local community of Philadelphia, guided by his Jewish values. He’s particularly passionate about addressing hunger, homelessness, and food waste as a bridge between his Jewish values, his skills in the kitchen, and his hope to help improve the lives of his neighbors.


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