Tribe 12 Fellowship Alumni

  • 2012

Michael Alan Sara

Tree of Life Movement and Meditation

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Venture Description

Currently at the end of the lengthy process of becoming a certified yoga teacher, Michael Alan has devoted his life to developing his unique form of meditation designed to strengthen spirituality and well-being through physical expression. In June, he leaves the US, to study and teach in Jerusalem at Yeshiva. Upon his return, Michael Alan will begin teaching “Tree of Life Yoga” throughout the States. His yoga classes, which are based on the Kabbalah, Jewish Ethics, Mishna, as well as Torah, will be tailored to suit any age group. By reinforcing his students understanding of their personal relationship with G-D and Judaism, Michael Alan seeks to aid in bringing excitement to his student in a religious setting, creating joy and happiness along the way.

About the Founder

I’ve had many great experiences that shaped how I see myself over the years. Six years in the United States Coast Guard, a summer in Jerusalem studying Kabbalah in Yeshiva, and graduating from Temple University stand atop those experiences. I’ve learned throughout these milestones that my path is not to be shaped by doing that which is easy and comfortable. This realization has brought me to where I am today studying to be a Yoga Teacher under the tutelage of a Guru in Philadelphia, and developing a form of Yoga which combines that which I love most passionately; G-D, the Jewish Community, and Yoga. I see this as my destiny, that which i was created to achieve.


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