Tribe 12 Fellowship Alumni

  • 2019

Michael Gotlib


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Coach: Marc Prine
Peer: Ariella Werden Greenfield

Venture Description

I want to take my expertise in Acceptance and Commitment Training, known as ACT, out of my office and into the workplace, yoga studios, and other wellness-oriented venues. My workshops are based on three pillars – teaching people how to embrace difficult situations with compassion, learning how to be more present focused and mindful in everyday life, and connecting to personal values and goals. I want to collaborate with business professionals, consulting firms, and other wellness practitioners to help employees, clients and the people around them live a more meaningful and vital life.

About the Founder

I am a clinical psychologist working at Drexel University counseling center where I counsel students and lead our group and workshop program, which focuses on teaching mindfulness and mental flexibility skills to students. I also work in a private practice in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. I am recently married and moved to Philadelphia a little over two years ago from New York. I am a first generation American and first-generation college graduate. My parents were born in Odessa, Ukraine and I speak conversational Russian. I am excited about teaching others how to be mentally flexible based on my expertise and sharing my skill set outside of a conventional counseling/clinical relationship. I am excited by opportunities to help people be vulnerable and live a meaningful and vital life. I hope to have children one day and engage in meaningful work that excites me.


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