Tribe 12 Fellowship Alumni

  • 2021

Michal Naisteter

Sex Positive Mama

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Coach: Kimberly Klayman
Peer: Serena Shapero
Social: @michalmatches
Press: Jewish Exponent


Venture Description

Sex Positive Mama empowers parents to talk about sex and sexuality with their children, leaving shame and taboo behind. Good communication surrounding sexuality can have a lasting, positive impact on parent-child relationships, help children develop positive body image, and give parents important opportunities to share their values. Using a bio-pyscho-social methodology, SPM helps parents demystify sex education at home, so parents can be the parents they wish to be.

About the Founder

Michal Naisteter is a trained sex educator, professional matchmaker, and a Sex Positive Mama to her own 2-year-old daughter. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Penn State University and a Master of Education in Human Sexuality from Widener University. Her mission is to support and empower parents to raise their young kids in a sex-positive manner by furthering awareness and education via social media and coaching. In 2022, Tribe 12 was pleased to welcome Michal to the team as an in-house matchmaker


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