Tribe 12 Fellowship Alumni

  • 2018

Michelle Sloan

Craft & Chestnut

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Coach: Larry Kaplan
Peer: Molly Wernick

Social media: Instagram, Facebook

Venture Description

Craft & Chestnut can craft with you in any location and for any occassion. On one hand, we provide materials and instructions for a unique craft, while IN your other hand, we make sure you always have a drink. Regardless of your crafty skills coming into this fun and social atmosphere, you will be sure to bring home a masterpiece!

About the Founder

Michelle, an architect from Boston, is excited to share her love and passion for crafting with the Philadelphia community. She has a strong belief that people should make time for themselves, and by providing a creative outlet for people to do just that, Michelle can bring some fun and relaxation into your life!


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