Tribe 12 Fellowship Alumni

  • 2017

Natalyia Eidelman

TALIA EIDEL and the Beauty Is Raw Project

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CoachMichael Adler
Peer: Amy Zitelman 
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Venture Description

TALIA EIDEL is a philanthropic, industrial jewelry company that juxtaposes the ruggedness of metal with purity of stones to relay that things are not always what they seem. Our aim is to show that beauty is every-present, raw, everywhere, and within everyone. This message is especially vital within the Eating Disorder community, where aesthetics play such a pivotal role. This unifying significance is what led to the creation of “The Beauty Is Raw Project”, a non-profit that establishes treatment scholarships for those suffering from Eating Disorders that cannot otherwise afford care. A portion of all sales from TALIA EIDEL are donated to the Beauty Is Raw Project. Together, we can make a difference.

About the Founder

‘Made in Russia, Assembled in America’ – Natalyia Eidelman is the daughter of an immigrant family who has put her unique experiences and past tribulations to use through a keen, creative eye. Initially studying sustainable architecture and taking courses at the Maryland Institute College of Art, her ability to piece together components of social consciousness with aesthetic appeal drove her to the idea of starting her own business within the field of design. Her business — a socially conscious jewelry company — focuses on raising awareness for the Eating Disorder Community through relaying that beauty is ever-present and raw. Having personally struggled with an eating disorder for many years, Natalyia identified the tremendous lack of funding which exists for those affected. With her contagious go-getter attitude and entrepreneurial nature, Natalyia has been able to develop a venture that is truly making an impact.


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