Tribe 12 Fellowship Alumni

  • 2019

Nuriya Neumann

Espresso Self Philly

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Coach: Michael Adler
Peer: Dave Fine

Social media: Instagram, Facebook

Venture Description

Espresso Self Philly is a queer-centered coffee shop providing LGBTQ+ youth with employment opportunities as well as the ongoing therapeutic support and 21st century life skill development they need in order to thrive and achieve their career goals. The shop will host a variety of social, educational, and artistic events connecting members of the LGBTQ+ community and allies to local resources, while fostering relationship-building in a safe, inclusive space.

About the Founder

Nuriya (she/her/hers) is a queer, Israeli, passionate LGBTQ advocate, working as an Occupational Therapist in the non- profit sector. Her work focuses on empowering individuals form vulnerable communities through connection to resources and helping them develop meaningful life skills.


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