Tribe 12 Fellowship Alumni

  • 2017

Olga Girshevich

Nectar of Life Nutrition & Wellness

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Coach: George Shotz
Peer: Rachel Bright

Social Media: Instagram

Venture Description

Nectar of Life Nutrition & Wellness focuses on providing its clients with one-on-one health coaching consultations, during which a coach and a client work together on identifying client’s short- and long-term health and wellness goals, in order to create a comprehensive long-term wellness protocol and, in most cases, a custom-designed, plant-based meal plan tailored specifically to client’s dietary and health needs. The key to changing client’s diet (as one aspect of overall wellness) from a modern fast-food and convenience meals, processed foods loaded with sugar diet to a clean diet, comprising of eating real, nutrient-dense foods is the consistency. That consistency can only come when a client is willing to make a time investment into preparing their own healthy meals or pay a meal preparation and delivery company for healthy meals to be made and delivered to their doorsteps on a regular basis. Practical research, conducted by Olga for this business venture over the course of the last several years, has shown that clients tend to achieve higher success rates in making long-lasting changes, when it comes to their diet and nutrition goals, when they not only have a coach who provides them strictly with an expert advice, but when they have a health coach who also custom-designs delicious meals and smoothies (made from real, nutrient-dense ingredients) that get delivered to clients’ doorsteps fully-prepared and ready for consumption. These types of comprehensive health coaching services that Nectar of Life Nutrition & Wellness offers is what sets us apart from our competition.

About the Founder

Olga is a former business analyst, turned Wellness and Nutrition Coach who, after a few years of soul and purpose-searching, has found her true passion in life in the field of integrative nutrition and wellness. After embarking on her own transformational health journey over four years ago and healing her body through giving it the nourishment it deserved, in the form of clean nutrition, proper sleep, fitness and stress management, she decided to make it her mission in life to inspire, motivate and help others to fully transform the quality of their lives and health by switching their diets to a clean, plant-centered, whole-foods based-diet. Olga firmly believes that every one of us has their own unique gifts and talents that they can only bring to the world when they are the best, most authentic versions of themselves – individuals with passion and purpose. To bring out the best, most beautiful version of yourself, Olga believes, you need to start from within yourself and that begins with nourishing your body with real, nutrient-dense foods and cherishing your soul by living the life in alignment with your purpose and passions.


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