Tribe 12 Fellowship Alumni

  • 2023

Rabbi Elyssa Cherney

Tackling Torah

Coach: Bari Joy Epstein
Peer: Carly Zimmerman
Website :

Venture Description

TacklingTorah guides everyday people (Jews and those who love them) through significant life moments using a Jewish framework and education. Rabbi Elyssa believes holiness is created by helping people find meaning at moments of transition in their lives. Her goal is to make Judaism and holiness accessible to all as their spiritual guide. She works primarily with millennials, gen z, interfaith families and unaffiliated Jews.

About the Founder

Rabbi Elyssa Cherney (she/her) created TacklingTorah, a non-profit to meet the needs of Jews and those who love them. Her mission is to help families connect with Jewish rituals to mark the big and small moments in their lives. She believes that powerful rituals have the opportunity to turn ordinary moments into extraordinary ones. Rabbi Elyssa began by engaging the Philadelphia Jewish community at pop-up style events or co-hosting with other local Jewish non-profits. Rabbi Elyssa also serves as a rabbi and spiritual guide with organizations like 18Doors, Reconstructing Judaism and Honeymoon Israel. She is driven to ensure all Jews have access to meaningful Jewish communities and learning. Rabbi Elyssa helps families navigate the joys and challenges of bringing different religious and/or cultural identities to the table. She is grateful to her partner Alan and kiddos Ava Jane and Zeke for supporting her in this work.


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