Tribe 12 Fellowship Alumni

  • 2019

Rachel LeWitt


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Coach: Deb Weinstein
Peer: Morgan Berman

Venture Description

Somewhere allows people to discover and share stories in the places where they actually happen. Through an app, users can share text, video, photo, and / or audio stories, which are geo-tagged and discoverable to those who are nearby. Stories on the app are found via augmented reality (AR), which adds a digital layer to the real world through the phone’s camera and mirrors the experience of truly discovering.

About the Founder

Rachel LeWitt is a communicator, researcher, and adventurer living in West Philly. She has surfed on a river full of crocodiles in Borneo, studied relationships between language and perception, and currently advises senior leaders about communicating their most important messages. Forging connections is her biggest passion. For Rachel, this plays out through bringing people together to hear classical music concerts or enjoy Shabbat dinners in her home, seeking cultural commonalities while traveling, and sharing stories over cups of tea. Rachel hopes to own and run a business or two or three that help make the world a more equitable and meaningful place, live near water, and never lose her sense of constant curiosity.


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