Tribe 12 Fellowship Alumni

  • 2024

Rachel Yakobashvili

Venture Name: Dinah

Coach: Michelle Eisenberg


Venture Description

Dinah – an organization that came out of the Tribe 12 Fellowship just a few years ago – is at a really exciting place where the organization has grown beyond its original design and is ready to expand operations and impact. Dinah has started to gain regional and national attention for its work serving Jewish survivors of domestic violence in the Philadelphia area and now needs to scale its operations to meet the growing demands of the work.

About the Founder

Rachel Yakobashvili currently serves as the Director of Programs and Partnerships at Dinah and she is passionate about ending all forms of systemic violence and oppression. Professionally, she is most excited by strategic planning and visioning as well as improving program evaluation practices to better measure social impact and inform future decision-making.


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