Tribe 12 Fellowship Alumni

  • 2011

Randy Schulz

American Israel Business Lab

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PressTwo set off to Israel in effort to lure clean-tech companies to Phila.Cleaning Up the Navy Yard 


Venture Description

The American Israel Business Lab (AIBL) helps innovative Israeli companies accelerate development in the US Market. When our clients are ready to do business in the US, AIBL provides the office location, professional services and strategic vision to turn plans into profits. Working in house with collaborators and affiliates, AIBL expedites and streamlines the market entry process.

About the Founder

Randy Schulz started his first business at age 16, power washing decks, homes, and buildings. After undergraduate study at Penn State University and graduate school at George Washington University, Schulz applied his skills and entrepreneurship as a communication and business development consultant to political candidates, elected officials, and corporate executives, mostly in the Philadelphia region. As the leader of a team called Nova-Comm Strategy Group (NCSG), Schulz enjoys cultivating young talent and building innovative coalitions.


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