Tribe 12 Fellowship Alumni

  • 2013

Sara Glassman

Vine Dining

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Venture Description

For the first time in US history, this generation of children is not expected to outlive their parents. We are facing a national pandemic of sick and obese children and adults who are frequently becoming diagnosed with easily treatable diseases: heart disease, type-two diabetes, and high blood pressure to name a few. These diseases are a direct result of poor eating habits related to not knowing about healthy choices. Therefore, my venture is to create a healthy, plant-based, kosher personal chef and cooking class business. I am going to change this problem of not knowing how to make healthy choices through teaching individuals how to cook nutritious, delicious meals that are plant-based, and happen to be kosher as well. For the parents who work full time, I would like to be the personal chef that comes to their home and makes nourishing meals for their family. And for the mom or dad who does have time to cook, I want to be the liaison to teach him or her how to cook nutritious meals. I would like to start in the Jewish community, one in which I am familiar. Because I believe in plant-based food, I am able to cook completely kosher food appealing to a more religious demographic.

About the Founder

I consider myself a Jewish vegan who gets excited by food and anything Israel-related. I graduated from Penn State University in May of 2011 with degrees in sociology and international studies. During my time at Penn State, I studied abroad in Tel Aviv, and then lived on a kibbutz the following summer. Living in Israel allowed me to fully express my Jewish self, coming home with a passion for the state of Israel and the Jewish people. I loved being around people similar to me, knowing that the stranger sitting next to me on the bus celebrated the same holidays as me growing up. Through returning to Israel as the madricha of two birthright trips post-college, I realized that I wanted to work in the Jewish community. Thus, I currently work for Maccabi USA. Aside from my love of Israel, I am a passionate about healthy, plant-based food and working out. I get most excited about my daily gym work outs and self-cooked vegan fare. Besides these passions of mine, the most important elements of my life are my friends and my family. They both contribute to my boldness and confidence to embark on a self-made business. I treasure my close friends from all walks of life, and feel fortunate to have important people in my life.


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