Tribe 12 Fellowship Alumni

  • 2020

Sara Kupfer

Fit Jewess

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Coach: Matt Pincus
Peer: Ariella Werden-Greenfield
Social Media: Instagram & Facebook 


Venture Description 

As the leading fitness resource for orthodox Jewish women and girls worldwide, Fit Jewess’ mission is to empower them through body positive and weight-neutral health by
offering motivational talks and workshops and online group coaching, and furthering awareness and education via the Fit Jewess blog, podcast guesting, and other social media platforms.

About the Founder

Sara Kupfer, the founder of Fit Jewess, is a fitness coach and motivational speaker with the mission of empowering Jewish women and girls worldwide and fostering a community united through weight-neutral health and body positivity. She is a CrossFit L1 trainer, HAES advocate, and shares practical tools on developing habits of health, finding freedom from diet culture, and increasing positive body image and self-confidence.


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