Tribe 12 Fellowship Alumni

  • 2013

Shaw Levin

AEPI Philadelphia Alumni Club

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Venture Description

We have something like 3,000 alumni in the Philly area of all ages (mostly 20s-50s) who come from a diverse set of backgrounds and schools and have all been introduced to the idea of being involved in the Jewish community. However, the majority of these alumni (and new ones moving to the area) aren’t actively engaged and aren’t involved as much as they could be. My group has the backing of our headquarters and has begun to regularly host events aimed at adding value to the members and getting them involved in the Jewish community. We want to make sure that all their skills and experience is benefiting our community and that everyone is aware of the opportunities to getting involved.

About the Founder

I’m a software developer currently in Philly who grew up splitting time between Atlantic City and Key West. My involvement in the Jewish community didn’t start until joining AEPi at Drexel who also introduced me to Hillel. They showed me that even more than software, developing people and communities is what excites me. I was able to serve as president of the Hillel and AEPi before graduating and now volunteer as an adviser for both groups.


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