Tribe 12 Fellowship Alumni

  • 2020

Shoshana Leshaw

CreativeCare Consulting

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Coach: Lorin Decker
Peer: Michael Gotlib
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Venture Description
CreativeCare Consulting aims to cultivate more empathy, connection, and fulfillment in the world of mental healthcare. Grounded in the principles of humanism and person-centered care, we take an individualized approach to treatment that highlights the unique needs of every person. We seek to engage in research that explores the theory and practice of person-centered care to help mental healthcare facilities increase treatment efficacy and improve well-being for clients and staff alike. Specifically, we hope to provide education, training, and guidance that encourages staff self-care, healthy staff-client relationships, and pleasant physical environments to promote wellness. We believe that responding thoughtfully to the needs of individuals will support a future of mental healthcare that is powered by compassion and connection.

About the Founder
As a music therapist, Shoshana promotes psychological health by creatively combining traditional talk therapy with music. She also enjoys singing, playing guitar, and writing music on her own time. Her other favorite pastimes include traveling, reading at the beach, spending Shabbat with friends and family, and brainstorming ways to improve wellness within mental healthcare.


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