Tribe 12 Fellowship Alumni

  • 2021

Sonia Gordon-Walinsky

Pasuk Art

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Coach: Carolyn Hochstadter
Peer: Danielle Brief
Social: &
Press: Jewish Exponent 


Venture Description

Sonia deepens people’s connection to Torah through her Hebrew and English calligraphic artwork. She creates artwork with a wide range of Jewish texts and is particularly passionate about reviving the Kabbalistic tradition of the “name pasuk”- a biblical verse that connects to the letters of one’s name. Sonia guides adults and youth in choosing a resonant biblical verse, delving into the layers of their names and identity. She creates original artwork that visually links a person’s name, self and verse.

About the Founder

Sonia Gordon-Walinsky is a Jewish artist and educator. She grew up with a rich Jewish and artistic life, taking on Jewish leadership roles from a young age. She studied Jewish texts and art in a range of settings including an art ulpan in Israel, the Jewish Theological Seminary, Columbia University and the Drisha Institute Arts Fellowship. She finds meaning in exploring and teaching the intersection of text and art and designing ritual.


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