Tribe 12 Fellowship Alumni

  • 2018

Taryn Wyron

Taryn Up My Heart

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CoachGeorge Shotz
PeerPolly Edelstein

Social media: Instagram
Venture description
Taryn Up My Heart is a podcast that aims to bring queer approaches to love, sex, and spirituality out of the margins and into the mainstream. In a post-#metoo world, we are in need of more resources to learn about healthy sexuality. The vulnerability, authenticity, and empowerment of queer peoples’ journeys can offer insight and inspiration to folks of all identities. Taryn Up My Heart shares homegrown stories of queer liberation through intimate conversations, teaching heart skills for our brave new world.
About the Founder
Taryn is all about love and liberation. As a therapist and educator who holds a master’s degree in clinical social work from Smith College, she is developing a spiritual resilience curriculum for social justice activists with Reconstructing Judaism. Her creative work as a writer, performer, and budding podcaster is spurred by her passions for personal healing and collective transformation.


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