Tribe 12 Fellowship Alumni

  • 2016

Torri Grice

Pooch Kaboose Dog Rescue

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Coach: Dan Fingerhut
Peer: Jess Edelstein

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram


Venture Description

Pooch Kaboose, a non-profit/no-kill dog rescue is a resource to the community, finding dogs loving, responsible matches that will provide permanent homes for dogs. We aid the prospective adopter with information regarding care and responsibility of bringing a dog into their lives/homes.

About the Founder

An energetic, tenacious entrepreneur striving to produce positive changes in individuals as well as her community.From people to politics, Torri Grice helps individuals get healthier, influences the community by being the Ward leader of the 54th Ward 11th district, as well as helps dogs that are abandoned. Leaving imprints that impact excites her.


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