Tribe 12 Fellowship Alumni

  • 2014

Yali Szulanski

The “I Am” Project

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Venture Description

The goal of The “I Am” Project is to foster stronger and more confident students by teaching them tools that access their strengths, talents, and abilities. Teaching them to create the realities they desire, heal wounds and past traumas, and become compassionate, productive, and self-reliant adults. “I Am” teaching takes every aspect of a student into consideration so that he or she may grow, move through any internal blocks or obstacles that may have manifested, and that may be confronted physically. Students learn valuable strategic thinking and the ability to trust in key natural instincts. Our creative and dynamic training increases balance, alignment, agility, flexibility, strength, power, breath consciousness and awareness to reveal your peak performance in all aspects of life. The goal is to create curriculums for elementary, middle, and high schools that encompass and incorporate these tools and put them to practice.

About the Founder

Yali is a writer, speaker, teacher, and consultant with a passion to uncover strength and healing within herself and others. Throughout her life, Yali battled with recurring instances of abuse that culminated in a shattering of her self-perception, thus sparking a vicious cycle of depression, eating disorders and self-harm. By getting to know her mind and her body through a mélange of physical, mindful, and therapeutic practices, she eventually came to know herself. She teaches these tools and fosters self-care in classrooms in the Philadelphia area. The “I Am” Project emerged from her work with survivors of violence and students dealing with mental illness and anxiety. The “My Voice Workshops” and “I Am Curriculum” which make up I Am – My Voice emerged from Yali’s journey in healing from illness and struggle along with the results she observed in working with her students and groups of survivors.


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