Tribe 12 Fellowship Alumni

  • 2023

Yigdal Raphael

The Science of Flameworking

Coach: Gabby Kaplan-Mayer
Peer: Natalyia Eidelman
Instagram : @torchscience

Venture Description

Yigdal’s venture is The Science of Flameworking, a live performance art experience that explores the world of flameworked borosilicate – glassblowing with a torch – through an interactive educational presentation. The program aims to entertain and introduce young people to the wonderfully endless possibilities of the craft through a science-centric curriculum developed in coordination with Philadelphia-area educators.

About the Founder

Yigdal Raphael is a flameworking glass artist, specializing in the production of functional home goods and custom Judaica. Born and raised in Philadelphia, he was introduced to flameworking in 2011 while completing undergraduate studies at Indiana University. Over the past decade Yigdal has studied under world-renowned artists such as Sally Prasch and Robert Mickelsen, as well as spent years unwaveringly dedicated to self-taught learning in pursuit of developing his own voice in the medium. He believes strongly in the power of building community through ritual and cherishes making things that bring people together!


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