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A Chametz-Heavy Shabbat Guide

Passover’s just a week away, so regardless if you’re cleaning out your kitchen, here’s a whole bunch of ways to use a whole bunch of Chametz  

Shabbat (And Pre-Pre-Passover) Guide

I’ve got Shabbat (and Passover) on my mind… Hope you do too!  

March’s First Shabbat Guide o’ The Week

Time to relax after another week 😌  

This Week? A Shabbat Guide!

Between Purim and Shabbat, we’ve got tons to celebrate this week!  

A Pre-Purim Shabbat Guide

Purim is now just 1 (!) week away. Get your Mordecai, Esther, and Ahashverosh on with these resources!  

Pre-Valentine Shabbat Guide

Start your Valentine weekend celebrations off right with some recipe and entertainment ideas!  

A Pre-Super Bowl Shabbat Guide

With the big game on Sunday, here are some dips, quick bites, and shareables for your watch party, dinner table, or any really time!  

A Very Tu B’Shvat Shabbat Guide

Tu B’shvat ended yesterday, but there’s never a reason to stop celebrating trees (and the fruit they produce)! Shabbat Post 1/29/21 by Micah Symons

Weekly Shabbat Guide: Activism Edition

Brrr… Weekly Shabbat Guide

Shabbat Guide 1-15-21 More recipes and links to help you make the most of your weekend! Check it out here.

Post-New Years Weekly Shabbat Guide

It’s been a long week for us all, so hopefully this guide will let us all take a step back and relax over the weekend.

How to Celebrate the First Post-2020 Shabbat

2020 is over! That’s worth celebrating on its own, but Shabbat gives us even more cause for jubilation. Here are some more links for Shabbat and New Years inspiration!

Shabbat Guide- Jewish Christmas Edition

Chinese food, movies, and waiting for my favorite coffee shops to open… sounds like a normal Christmas/weekend to me! Check out my latest blog post here!

Shabbat & Chanukah) Guide

Shabbat and Chanukah together? Sounds like the perfect opportunity to gather with loved ones (even virtually), eat, and take a step back from the world. Enjoy! Shabbat Post 12/11/20 by…

12/4/20 Shabbat Guide

The first Shabbat of December brings with it cold weather, early nightfall, and even more time indoors. To combat that, here are some warm dishes, lights around the city, and…

Shabbat Guide 11/27/2020

Shabbat Shalom and Happy Thanksgiving! Whether you’re winding down from a long week of planning or cooking or gearing up for holiday shopping, this post has everything you need to…

This Week’s Shabbat Guide

The weather is starting to cool, but that doesn’t mean that our weekends have to! Here are some recipes and resources to make the most of this Shabbat. Shabbat Post…

This Week’s Shabbat Guide

The weather in Philly is starting to get colder, so here are some recipes and resources to keep you occupied while trying to stay warm. Shabbat Post 11-13-20 by Micah…

Shabbat Guide 11/6/20

What a week it’s been! We could all use some time away from our newsfeeds, whether that’s by cooking up a storm, chilling to some music, or simply getting out…

Your All-Inclusive Shabbat Guide for 10/30/20

This is the beginning of a new series in which I’ll be compiling some resources and links to aide in your weekly wind-down (aka Shabbat).  Here are a few links…


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