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A Post-Hanukkah Shabbat Guide

Shabbat Guide 12/18/20 by Micah Symons

Choose Your Own Judaism for 5781

I didn’t fast for Yom Kippur this year. I won’t have the opportunity to sit in a sukkah this year. I’m probably not going to attend services this year. And…

Remembering Stonewall to Protest Racial Injustice

51 years feels like an eternity. In 1969, astronauts landed on the moon and the earliest version of the Internet popped up. For queer folks and allies during June, we…

Care During Corona

Social distancing and self-quarantining are new phrases to a lot of us, and this feels unprecedented. Tribe 12 –– among many of you –– are working remotely, so we’re all…


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