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Something New!

Greetings Tribeniks, Tribe12ers, Tribesfolx! (We’re experimenting with some names, let us know what you think!)   After just a month of working with Tribe 12, I easily recognize the incredible…

Join us for Launch Night 2023

We’re less than a week away from one of our most exciting events of the year- Launch Night!   Our 13th cohort of Tribe 12 Fellows have honed their ideas…

Jewish matchmakers Aleeza Ben Shalom, Danielle Selber and Michal Naisteter holding umbrellas on the cover for The Yentas, a Jewish matchmaking podcast

Introducing a Brand New Podcast: The Yentas!

Hey, does anyone hear that drumroll? We are so excited to bring you a brand new podcast: The Yentas! The Yentas isn’t your average dating podcast. On this podcast you…

Tikkun Olam Collaborative FAQ

Join Tribe 12 for an immersive cohort learning experience centered around social justice in our community!   At Tribe 12, we believe in and are committed to building a more…

Shabbat Clusters FAQ

Tribe 12 is delighted to partner with OneTable to launch our pilot Shabbat Clusters program this fall! Tribe 12 Shabbat clusters are a great way to create connections in the…

Tribe 12 Retreat FAQ

What is the Tribe 12 Retreat?  Our Tribe 12 Retreat is for anyone who is interested in or part of a Tribe 12 Tribe or wants to learn more about…

Fall at Tribe 12

Just like the return of pumpkin spice and cozy knit sweaters, fall brings its own goodness to look forward to at Tribe 12! Alongside our trusty slate of events (including our…

Why I’m Obsessed with the Seder

Like many mostly-extroverted people, I love a good dinner party; I love the idea of people sitting around for hours over good food and wine talking about deep things, sharing…

Philly Purim Guide 2022

Purim is officially around the corner which means it’s time to break out your favorite costumes (who’s showing up as Gritty??), eat delicious hamentashen cookies and celebrate until dawn! We’ve…

To All Our Chris’s This Holiday Season

It’s a running joke for the Tribe 12 staff that every contractor we work with is named Chris. From photographers to tech support to web developers, we somehow end up…

Meet our 2022 Tribe 12 Fellows!

We are so excited to welcome these amazing members of the community to our 12th cohort! Over the course of the next few months, we cannot wait to watch them…

Gender Diversity is Divinely Jewish

By Lex Pe’er Horwitz (they/them) There is nothing more beautiful than starting your journey to discovering and nurturing your true self.  Learning about our inner most desires and needs presents…

Shabbat (And Pre-Pre-Passover) Guide

I’ve got Shabbat (and Passover) on my mind… Hope you do too!  

This Week? A Shabbat Guide!

Between Purim and Shabbat, we’ve got tons to celebrate this week!  

A Pre-Purim Shabbat Guide

Purim is now just 1 (!) week away. Get your Mordecai, Esther, and Ahashverosh on with these resources!  

Pre-Valentine Shabbat Guide

Start your Valentine weekend celebrations off right with some recipe and entertainment ideas!  

A Pre-Super Bowl Shabbat Guide

With the big game on Sunday, here are some dips, quick bites, and shareables for your watch party, dinner table, or any really time!  

Weekly Shabbat Guide: Activism Edition

Brrr… Weekly Shabbat Guide

Shabbat Guide 1-15-21 More recipes and links to help you make the most of your weekend! Check it out here.

Post-New Years Weekly Shabbat Guide

It’s been a long week for us all, so hopefully this guide will let us all take a step back and relax over the weekend.

How to Celebrate the First Post-2020 Shabbat

2020 is over! That’s worth celebrating on its own, but Shabbat gives us even more cause for jubilation. Here are some more links for Shabbat and New Years inspiration!

Welcome our 2021 Tribe 12 Fellows!

We are so excited to welcome these 16 amazing people! Over the course of the next few months, we cannot wait to watch them grow!       Aimee Goldstein …

A Post-Hanukkah Shabbat Guide

Shabbat Guide 12/18/20 by Micah Symons

12/4/20 Shabbat Guide

The first Shabbat of December brings with it cold weather, early nightfall, and even more time indoors. To combat that, here are some warm dishes, lights around the city, and…


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