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August 11, 2022 | 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

50 First Dates for Jewish Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day in August! The lesser-known Jewish holiday of Tu B’Av has been a matchmaking and courting day for centuries.

This year Tu B’Av falls on August 11th and we want to fill the city with first dates! Tribe 12’s in-house matchmakers, Danielle and Michal, will tap into the holiday’s auspicious vibes to set up as many simultaneous blind dates as they can.

How it works: The day of the event, each pair will be connected via text or email and assigned a public, outdoor place to meet up. We recommend a park bench date or walking date to keep things v casual and v free. Pairs can choose to make their way to an optional dessert-after-party at Igloo South of South (2223 Grays Ferry Avenue) with others who participated in this event. Michal will be there from 8-9pm to say hi and buy you a cold treat on Tribe 12! 

Want to be matched for a date? Sign up and answer a few (optional) questions about who and what you’re looking for. That is also where you can opt into a friend date or group hang instead of a regular date!

PSA: If you haven’t yet, you can also set up a conversation with one of our matchmakers so we can get to know you and invite you to future events!


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