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February 21, 2021 | 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Love is Masked: Purim Speed Dating

For this event, we’ll invite you to wear a mask (or hat, or bandana, or scarf, or Halloween costume… whatever!)

The story of the Jewish holiday Purim tells us that someone’s self can only be revealed by digging through layers of superficiality (and, we assume, Instagram filters). On Purim we purposely wear masks to expose what we already know — that we sometimes hide our true selves; and that what we see in others is often a facade. With this in mind, we’ll tailor the conversations to inspire a little more vulnerability and realness than typical first date(s).

This event is for people who self identify as…

* 20s & 30s

* Jew-ish

* Philly area

* People who date people of the opposite gender

Bonus: it’s the only speed dating event you can go to in your pajamas AND you don’t have to brush your teeth.

Note: If you’re LGBTQIA+, join us for a speed dating battle on Valentine’s Day! See all our Valentine’s Month activities at tribe12.org/matchmaking.


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