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May 11, 2021 | 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Quarantine Quizzo: Season Finale!

We’ve played thirteen rounds of quizzo since the COVID lockdown began. Like all shows, the thirteenth is where things wrap up smoothly before the rug gets pulled from under you. Who killed JR?? Will they save the cheerleader to save the world?? Will Ted meet The Mother??

Gather your COVID pod or work with your friends virtually to answer our four rounds of trivia. No Googling, or you’ll be recast in the new season!

Accessibility: A sign language interpreter, live captioning, and advanced materials are available by request. To aid us in accommodating these and other needs for you to fully participate in this event, please email info@tribe12.org or call us at (267) 652-0088 with at least three days notice.

Tribe 12 connects people in their 20s/30s to Jewish life and community in Philadelphia today so they will choose to stay connected tomorrow. We welcome people who identify as Jewish, whose partner is Jewish, or who are exploring Judaism. Tribe 12 seeks to include all individuals regardless of gender or identity expression, religious history and practice, health and disability whether visible or invisible, and financial circumstances. For questions, to request accommodations, or just to say hi reach out to yo@tribe12.org.


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