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September 27, 2017 | 6:30 pm - 8:15 pm

Special Presentation: “So Many Rules: Is Judaism Too Extreme?”

Join us for an evening of Dinner & Drinks, Music, & Wisdom!

The Chevra’s own Jon Erlbaum will be presenting a dynamic, meaningful talk on this important and always-relevant topic…

6:15pm: Live Music, Dinner & Drinks

7:15pm: Feature Presentation by Jon Erlbaum “So Many Rules: Is Judaism too Extreme?”

[OPTIONAL Talk afterwards… 8:20/8:30 (for approx. 45 minutes): Rabbi Moshe Ungar on topic of “Yom Kippur & the Power of Change”]

Does Judaism need to just relax & take a chill pill? I mean, fine, I can understand why a religion has to have SOME laws! But when you check out many of the so-called Jewish “halachos”, don’t you think that whatever rule-happy rabbis made them up got just a teensy bit carried away? Seriously, am I crazy here? Do you really think G-d intended for this religion to go so far as to barge into my kitchen; to butt into my wardrobe; in short, to tread all over my personal freedoms with such trifling trivialities?

For 20’s & 30’s
Professionals & Grad Students
Singles & Couples

$5 pre-paid :: $10 Door

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