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March 25 | 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Tribe 12 Israel Series: Fear Writing Circle

**This gathering has been moved to Zoom. Please sign up to receive the link**

In December 2023, we hosted a space to come together as a community to process the current situation in Israel and Gaza. Our community, as well as our staff, is not monolithic – we contain a broad range of perspectives on this issue. In listening to these perspectives, we centered three core emotions echoing in our community: grief, fear and hope. For the original event, we gathered as one community to break bread together and share a bit from our hearts. Then, we offered a choice between three small group conversations, each facilitated by a member of our staff, that centered one of these three emotions.

In 2024, we are committed to holding more space for our community to process as this war continues. We’ve decided to launch a monthly gathering, rotating between grief, fear and hope. Every session is drop-in and you can come to as many or as few as you feel called to attend.

Our March gathering will be a writing and sharing circle facilitated by one of Tribe 12’s engagement professionals, Danielle Selber. This gathering is for those feeling fear, whether fear for their own safety, fear for the safety of others in Israel and Gaza, fear of antisemitism, or something else. There will be time for quiet written reflection with facilitation and prompts and for structured sharing where participants can express curiosity and validation for fears that may look different than their own. In this space we will engage in witnessing and honoring rather than challenging each other’s fears.


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