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December 13, 2020 | 8:00 pm

Womxn’s Moon Circle: December 2020

The Jewish calendar follows the moon cycle so at the beginning of each month, womxn all over the world get together to mark that moment. We welcome all who feel they belong in a Jewish-woman’s space, regardless of sex assigned at birth, gender expression, religious history or practice (thanks to Wominyan for this definition).

The month of Tevet, for Jews, is the time to face difficult subjects and emotions. During this month, we remember both sieges of Jerusalem, a downer if there ever was one, and we begin reading Exodus, the harrowing account of our ancestors’ descent into slavery. To more fully embody our remembrance of these accounts, we fast. However, instead of being overwhelmed with anger over these atrocities, Jews are invited to learn from our history and grow. We didn’t survive 3,000+ years by being angry. We survived because we felt that heat rise in our blood, heard the call, channeled that boiling energy to action, and transformed the whole affair into a story to be recounted later, with a positive, triumphant message. When we treat anger like this, we become agents of change.

This session will be led by local Tribe 12 Fellowship Alumni Danielle Brief of HamsaMade. We will enjoy some mindfulness, ritual, light learning with At The Well’s excellent resources, and small group discussions in breakout rooms.

And if this event sounds a little out there for you, know that there is zero previous knowledge or experience necessary — for real, it’s casual and it’s for you.

Accessibility: A sign language interpreter, live captioning, and advanced materials are available by request. To aid us in accommodating these and other needs for you to fully participate in this event, please email info@tribe12.org or call us at (267) 652-0088 with at least three days notice.


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