Giving Circles

Collaborative Philanthropy

Giving Circles offer a unique opportunity to practice collaborative philanthropy, or giving as a group. Together you learn about the values of giving and together you decide where and how to give. It’s an incredible experience filled with self growth, learning and community. Giving together allows one person’s dollar to stretch further, making collaborative philanthropy not only impactful but accessible for anyone who wants to give at any amount.

How We Do It

Fun events that build community and aren’t boring

Financial accessibility so everyone has the ability to make a difference

Giving based on Jewish values and meaningful discussion

Last year we donated $200 to Parkside Roots to Market

Jewish Values

Giving Circles are heavily based in Jewish values. Together the Giving Circle learns about the values, traditions and texts and how they may inform our modern philanthropic decisions. It is based on the communal discussion and interpretation of these values that the group will decide where to make a donation that is meaningful and impactful.

Tzedakah: Charity

Kehilla: Community

Tikkun Olam: Repairing the World

Program Timeline

A Giving Circle can be as short as a few hours to as complex as few sessions over the course of a month. Keep up to date on all of the different Giving Circles that Tribe 12 offers to find one that matches your schedule!

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"Our Giving Circle made a great impact on the community!"

– Sarah Goldberg, 2017 Giving Circle Participant