First Thursday Happy Hour

First Thursday Happy Hour

Our flagship event is a great place to get a feel for Philly’s 20s / 30s Jewish community. Here’s what you can expect at your very first happy hour:

Chill, welcoming vibe

Food and/or drink specials

Approachable, friendly people

Your first drink on us!

Join us at our next First Thursday Happy Hour!

"I am SO glad I came out to my first happy hour!! I was one of the last four people there. Great time, such nice people, made a few new friends... and one date!"

You don’t have to come by yourself!

Meet up with Ross, our Engagement Associate, right before the event so you can walk in together! He’s a super friendly and hilarious human being so you’ll be in great hands. At the event he’ll introduce you to the other new people, the rest of the Tribe 12 staff (Hannah and Danielle are at almost every happy hour), and some of Tribe 12’s regulars so you can begin to feel at home right away.

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