Connecting 20s / 30s to something they find meaningful

We Take On The Challenge

We are here to engage 20s/30s adults who have a Jewish connection in our city.

We are here to enrich their experiences, build community, and help them sustain a Jewish life long into the future.

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Tribe 12 Events

  1. Tribe 12 Book Club!

    November 30 @ 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm
  2. First Thursday Happy Hour: Hot Cocoa Hanukkah

    December 3 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
  3. Hanukkah Cook Along

    December 10 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Our Values

Here's What We've Learned...

For the majority of our constituents, their relationship with being Jewish is complicated and evolving. 20s/30s cannot be told what to do or what to believe—it has to be natural, self learned, and affirmed by trusted peer networks. Tribe 12 acts as a guide for those willing to walk with us, especially because we believe there is no right way to be Jewish—it is a personal path and each one is unique. Tribe 12 wants people to choose to walk that Jewish path for themselves. We do believe that the path is a progression from engagement—the initial steps, often in starts and stops—to Jewish connection; through enrichment when a person makes a conscious choice to do something Jewish that requires commitment and higher level Jewish thought; to empowerment when a person has transcended partaking in Jewish behaviors that can be turned on and off, to a state when Judaism is consciously and unconsciously integrated into the essential components of their life—partner, peers, place, profession, and purpose.

Our Strategy

Pie chart showing one third "Connect to larger Community", "Engage through Tribe 12" and "Enrich through Tribe 12"Our programming strategy needs to provide a three pronged entryway to Jewish life and community through engagement, enrichment, and referral to best serve our mission.

Tribe 12’s roots are in engagement — creating low barrier opportunities to “do something Jewish” and be part of a Jewish community. This is essential to our mission and success, yet to ensure a well rounded programming strategy that can meet the needs of EVERY 20s/30s we encounter, engagement must be paired with meaningful enrichment opportunities for those who wish to “level up” on their Jewish path and targeted referrals for constituents who may be best served by other opportunities in the Jewish community. By being equally committed to programming and opportunities along the full spectrum of potential Jewish entry points we are able to truly meet our constituents where they are and get them to the right place at the right time on their Jewish path.

Our Genesis

Tribe 12’s roots go back to the founding of the Collaborative in 1998. In the early 90’s, Annabel “Rusty” Lindy, a philanthropist, activist and leader in the Philadelphia Jewish community saw what almost no one else did at the time — many 20s/30s were not gravitating to or finding the same meaningful connections with Jewish institutions as they had in the past. At the time, it was becoming clear that the generations coming of age in the 80s and 90s had their own unique set of needs and were looking for new ways to find community and engage Jewishly.

Annabel “Rusty” Lindy

At a time long before Birthright, Moishe House, and other successful 20s/30s engagement organizations, Annabel leveraged her relationships with a number of Jewish organizations, including Hillel, the Gershman Y, and the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia, to convene a group to discuss the needs of 20s/30s and seek solutions. As a result, in 1998, The Collaborative was birthed to provide meaningful and comfortable Jewish experiences to meet and connect with other 20s/30s in non-traditional settings.

Before her passing, Annabel gave her blessing and sustaining financial support to expand the program as an independent 501c3 organization. Hence, in 2010 Tribe 12 was founded, with her husband Phil Lindy as the Founding President, to engage 20s/30s today, so they will continue to connect to Jewish life and community tomorrow.

Board of Directors

Rachel Dukeman, President
Edward Rivkin, Treasurer
Matt Handel, Secretary

Rachel Abramowitz
Jessica Bird*
Kimberly Decker
Rabbi Bonnie Goldberg
Jamie Hartman*
Jeffrey Hurok
Frank Lindy


Jacob Lindy
Julie Meyers
Nuriya Neumann*
Stacey Pass Prieto
Matt Pincus
Deborah Rounick*
Mara Swift
Lori Tuner*
Ben Weinraub
Adam Wodka*
Carly Zimmerman*

Annabel “Rusty” Lindy, Visionary Founder (z”l)
Phil Lindy, Founding President (z”l)
Rabbi Howard Alpert
Michael Belman
Judge Harold Berger
Irving Borowsky (z”l)
Richard Lee
Sherrie Savett
Laurie Wagman

*Alumni of a Tribe 12 program