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You worked hard to plan it. Let us help promote it!

We’ve spent years cultivating a 2500+ strong network of 21-39 year old Jewish people in Philly. Meanwhile the organized Jewish community has grown its own massive network of various organizations that offer all kinds of different outlets that could allow Philly’s young professionals a slew of new ways to engage with their Jewish identity. It’s time we introduce our network to your organization. Through our online hub, we help all Jewish organizations advertise their events, activities, holiday celebrations, networking events, speaking engagements, Bingo nights, and anything in between. If you worked hard to plan an event that Jewish 20s & 30s in Philly would enjoy, let us put your event information out there so we can help you get all the right people in the room.

Requirements for a Promotional Partnership

These event guidelines will help ensure that our online hub offers the right events to the right people. Before submitting your event/activity, you must make sure it checks each of these boxes.

Primarily attracting people in their 20s / 30s 

Relate to Jewish life and community

Located within 25 miles of Philadelphia City Hall

There is an online link that we can use to send more information to anyone who is interested in attending

It has a confirmed date and venue, a brief description, and a link to more information

The event links to your organization within our “” site, which includes your organization explanation & contact information and a link for more information about your organization

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