Beverly Socher-Lerner, Makom Community

Beverly Socher-Lerner, Makom Community


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CoachRabbi Bonnie Goldberg 
PeerElana Baurer 

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Venture Description

Jewish community offers depth and meaning to our families and children. And everyone deserves access to it. That access is what Makom Community offers Center City families through our afterschool enrichment program and more. Makom Community’s afterschool enrichment program facilitates innovative Jewish education in a whole new way.

About the Founder

Beverly is a Jewish educator who loves making Jewish life meaningful in out-of-the box ways that work well for each person. She has done that running a school out of the trunk of her car, building urban young adult community, and now founding Makom Community in fall of 2014 to create the kind of Jewish education she imagines for her own daughter.