Corinne Goldenberg

Corinne Goldenberg

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Coach: Phil Katz

Peer: Jonathan Wetstein

Corinne Goldenberg has been passionate about social justice since she was a teenager. For almost a decade, Corinne has worked in the nonprofit sector for a variety of organizations focused on philanthropy, international human rights, and grassroots social change. She recently moved back to Philadelphia after living in New York City for eight years and Barcelona for two. Now in her mid-thirties, she’s ready for a break from the 9-5 lifestyle; she’s excited to embark on a more entrepreneurial path, where she can pursue her passions, invest more time on creative pursuits, and help others to live their best life. She currently consults for small businesses and nonprofits, providing digital fundraising and marketing support. She’s also studying for a real estate license, getting a graphic design certificate, writing her novel, learning Italian, and planning on becoming a certified life coach. She loves to travel and speaks fluent French and Spanish.