Doriane Feinstein

Doriane Feinstein

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Coach: Rebecca Bar

Peer: Alanna Raffel

Doriane is a driven woman and theatre artist new to Philadelphia. She is deeply passionate about helping others whenever given the opportunity! As a theatre artist, she focuses on playwriting and acting. Through playwriting, she tells the stories society casts aside and refuses to shed light upon. As an actor, she strives to connect and be present to tell the story the playwright intended. She is excited by creativity, the arts, and human connection. In the age of glowing boxes and technological overload, Doriane strives to make vibrant connections with those she meets. For future aspirations, Doriane hopes to run a theatre program for underprivileged youth that allows students to find and amplify their own voices as artists. She also dreams of owning a hairless cat named Mr. Napoleon Fluffy Face.