Gail Rubinstein

Gail Rubinstein

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Coach: Matt Pincus

Peer: Amy Zitelman

Gail Rubinstein is a business owner, mentor, sales trainer and digital marketer for auto dealerships seeking rapid transformation to accelerate revenue, sales and return on investment. She has spent 21 years in the auto industry serving in a variety of positions that helped build her expertise and background in operations and sales. Gail has spent the last 5 years on a personal healing journey using her personal and professional life experiences to understand human trauma. This journey has provided her the ability dig deep into her emotions and move through her own setbacks to bring her true authentic self forward. Gail’s excitement in her personal and professional life come from having a sense of accomplishment and being part of family and community together. Gail ‘s hopes and dreams involve building an educational online coaching institution for healing emotional trauma. This would provide humans of all identities, races and religions a higher level of conscious awareness to dig deep into their wounds and come out on the other side with more love, more freedom and more consciousness in our human evolution.