Liat Kovnator

Liat Kovnator

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Coach: Lori Turner

Peer: Katie Gould

Liat is 26 years old and originally from sweet Southern California. She currently lives in Philadelphia, where she graduated with a BFA in Musical Theatre from The University of the Arts. Since then, she has performed in various productions throughout the city. Liat’s main passion in life is singing and acting–there is nothing she craves more than having an artistic outlet where she can collaborate with others. She is also a member of the The ChaiLights: Jewish A Cappella of Philadelphia, where she formally served as social chair. When she is not performing, she enjoys teaching Drama to preschool kids. She also loves going to concerts, playing with pups, and meandering around farmers markets in her spare time. Starting Chickadee Theatre Company has given her the opportunity to share her imaginative ideas, collaborate with other young artists, and have a safe space to create events that are meaningful.