Steven Auerbach, Law Office of Steven Auerbach

Steven Auerbach, Law Office of Steven Auerbach

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Venture Description

The Law Office of Steven Auerbach is a commercial litigation law firm. In his capacity as sole-proprietor of The Law Office of Steven Auerbach, Steve represents clients in contentious legal proceedings. The practice has a particular emphasis on trial-bound commercial, family, employment, and personal injury matters. Beyond matters of purely secular jurisprudence, Steve also counsels his religiously-minded clients on the intersection of Torah Law and Pennsylvania precedent. In so doing he may arrange for Rabbinic arbitration (Beit Din), encourage divorcees to offer ritual releases from marriage (Get), and he may provide a compassionate approach to end of life decisions.

About the Founder

Steve is a Main Line attorney, father, son, and husband. At 27, Steve has graduated from law school, opened his own commercial litigation practice, and has authored the World’s first English table of contents for the Shulchan Aruch (Code of Jewish Law). Steve is best characterized by his strong sense of determinism and appreciation of nuance. He is excited by trend-setters, ground-breakers, and by those who maximize their potential.