Tribe 12 Staff

Amanda Davidowitz

Bookworm, Crafty, Lactose Intolerant, New To Philly, Schmoozer, Theater Kid

Amanda Davidowitz (she/her) returned to her home state of Pennsylvania from Portland, OR, in 2023 to join the staff of Tribe 12. She is thrilled to apply the skills and experience she has gained from 15+ years working in the entertainment and sustainability industries, along with her passion for Jewish community building, in this new role of Assistant Director.
Amanda grew up in a tight-knit Jewish community and attended Hebrew day school in Northeastern PA. She became more actively involved in the Jewish community as an adult, in particular through her experience organizing women’s Rosh Chodesh new moon circles and through her participation in the fellowship program TischPDX, where she learned to become a more intentional and inclusive Jewish community organizer.
In addition to her work with Tribe 12, Amanda loves to think creatively about Jewish spirituality and to find new ways to engage people through Jewish yoga and mindfulness classes and workshops. She is a perpetual spiritual seeker, yoga nerd and self-improvement enthusiast. Some of her favorite things include audiobooks, swimming holes, musical theater, sparkling water, and creating perfectly constructed playlists.


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