Tribe 12 Staff

Danielle Selber

  • Artist
  • Israeli
  • Jewish Mother
  • Multilingual
  • Nosher
  • Self-Starter
  • Theology Nerd
  • A Bala Cynwyd resident, Gratz College graduate and Lower Merion High School alum, Danielle is a lifelong Philadelphian with tons of love for Philly’s Jewish community. She graduated with her Masters in Jewish Studies from Gratz College where she completed a thesis on trends in secular Jewish dating.

    Danielle’s Israeli and Moroccan background makes her cooking spicy and her Friday night dinners boisterous. She’s a proud word nerd who loves to write, play Scrabble, and attempt to solve Sunday Times crossword before the following Sunday.

    Danielle wears two hats at Tribe 12 — keeping our staff productive and happy in her role as Assistant Director, and working as our “in-house matchmaker“, meeting people looking to date in Philly’s Jewish community and helping them connect to like-minded people and communities.

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    After you submit, you'll be redirected to more information about Tribe 12's matchmaking initiative. If it sounds like a good fit, you'll be able to book a spot on our matchmaker's calendar.