Tribe 12 Staff

Jess Harper Meyers

Activist, Always Has Gum, Dog Lover, Eagles Fan, Grumpy Cat Purrveyor, Multilingual, Night Owl, Philly Native, Schmoozer, Thrifter

Jess Harper Meyers (they/them or she/her) is a future attorney, former bartender, forever activist, a passionate member of Philadelphia’s Jewish LGBTQIA+ community, and a shameless nerd. Jess has been coordinating programming with our previous LGBTQIA+ Program Director for years, and is thrilled to carry on Davinica’s fabulous mantle. They bring a wealth of community organizing experience and a warm love of all things Jewish and/or Queer.

Jess is also obsessed with the cosmos (both astronomy & astrology) and can be found on most clear nights stargazing (especially in the summer!)

Click here to set up a meeting with Jess if you’re interested in getting involved in social justice work with Tribe 12, or exploring your connection with your identity as an LGBTQIA+ Jew!

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