Tribe 12 Staff

Ross Weisman

  • Camp Alumni
  • Dog Lover
  • Nosher
  • Self-Starter
  • Ross is excited to be a part of the Tribe 12 family. From happy hours to scavenger hunts, Ross is no stranger to fun events and is always looking for the next trend to share! Born and raised a mile from the Conshohocken-area Cracker Barrel, Ross has never been far from all the excitement Philadelphia has to offer. He attended Jewish day school and Jewish summer camp, and he later studied media production at Temple University. He’s worked as an RA, Hebrew school teacher, social media director, and a camp counselor. In his free time, Ross hosts a movie podcast called Kidflix, and he performs comedy around the city. Ross cracks himself up, so possibly he’ll make you laugh too!

    Get to know Ross, and ask him about how you can get involved with Tribe 12 (or a great board game to try)!

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