Travel Opportunities

Israel :: Marriage Minded Mentor :: February 5 - 11, 2019

This Women’s Reconnection trip is a 7 day spiritual journey, aiming to connect growth-oriented Jewish women to Israel, their heritage, themselves and to each other.

Thailand :: Etz Chaim & Justifi :: March 11-19, 2019

Adventure. Exploration. Connection. Experiences. View the world in a whole new light. Revisit your own values as you contemplate new ones. The Women of SHINE invite you on a magical trip through Thailand.

Morocco :: Jewish Heritage Travel :: April 2019

Linked to the desert palm, “rooted in Africa, watered by Islam, and rustled by the winds of Europe,” Morocco combines African, Middle Eastern, and European influences to create a magical kingdom like no other. This trip will bring to life the history, tradition, and culture of Jewish Morocco, a fascinating meeting place of East and West.

Israel :: BGood Worldwide :: July 2019

A 7-month leadership development program for university and young professionals ages 21-26 that focuses on learning about coexistence issues that impact Jewish, Christian and Muslim communities in Israel and around the world. The program will culminate with a 10-day Peacebuilding Mission to Israel. This program and mission will spend time learning about the various issues affecting these communities and volunteering at organizations that specialize in coexistence initiatives.

Dominican Republic :: BGood Worldwide :: July 2019

A 7-month leadership development program that focuses on learning about global health issues that impact communities in the developing world and beyond. This program will culminate with a 10-day Medical Mission to the Dominican Republic to gain fieldwork experience that will introduce young leaders to public health and medicine. For university students ages 18-23 (pre-med preferred but not required)