Travel Opportunities

Learning Retreats :: Moishe House :: 2020

Moishe House Learning Retreats are designed for young adults aged 22-32 to come together as a community and explore the most exciting aspects of our Jewish tradition and its relevance in the 21st century.

Our retreats include:

Jewish Learning Retreats – Commune with like-minded young Jewish adults to explore Jewish holidays, wellbeing, outdoors, Shabbat, Havdalah, Tikkun Olam and more.
Moishe House Without Walls Retreats – Join current and future MHWOW hosts to take a step back and think big about your communities’ needs, build skills to take your programming to the next level and celebrate the experiences you’re creating.
Retreatology – Interested in running your own peer-led Jewish learning retreat? Gain the tools and know-how with RetreatO!
Jewish Learning Retre

Israel & Europe :: RAJE :: Fall 2019

A gift of adventure, discovery and connection:

As a nation we depend on the youth of each generation to carry the torch of Jewish continuity. That is why the Jewish community is willing to gift talented young people with a unique opportunity to experience the adventure and essence of connection by exploring their Jewish identity and developing their own unique leadership potential.

The RAJE Leadership Fellowship

The Leadership Fellowship is an elite program, uniquely designed for Russian American Jewish students and young professionals.

Sedah :: Schusterman Foundation :: September 2019

Reflect, renew, refresh at this year’s Rest and Renewal Elul Festival: An innovative way to approach the Jewish new year through connection with the land, traditions and community.

Tickets are very subsidised by the Schusterman Foundation at £50 for camping and £60 for sleeping in the dorms. The true cost of the event is £135 per person. If you feel you would like to pay more towards the tickets, this money will go to subsidise future events which are not grant funded for those that need it.

Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia:: Jewish Heritage Travel :: Aug 30-Sept 10 2020

Lithuanian Jews, also called Litvaks, were among the most influential scholars, energetic businessmen, and skilled professionals in Europe prior to World War II. In Lithuania, Jewish secular and religious institutions flourished. With more than 100 synagogues and some of the leading rabbinical schools of Europe, Vilnius was affectionately known as the Jerusalem of Lithuania. The YIVO Institute—the leading academic institution for the study of Yiddish language and literature—was founded in Vilnius, and the Gaon of Vilna was a world-renowned Talmudist and scholar.

Berlin :: AJC :: June 14-17, 2020

To mark the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II, AJC Global Forum 2020 will take place in Berlin. Hear from European political leaders and decision-makers, visit historic sites, network with Jews from around the world, meet with diplomats from Germany and across the globe.

Sri Lanka :: Justifi :: Winter 2020

Justifi trips take you into the heart of the local culture; to the must see tourist sights and then off the beaten track to where no other tourists ever go. Meet locals from all walks of life, learn some of the local language, religion, customs, folktales and beliefs, taste the local food and see the bustling cities and breath-taking nature. Balance all this by gaining a real insight into the issues facing the country from some of the inspirational people working there to make a real change.

Various Locations :: Kahal: Your Jewish Home Abroad :: 2020

Wherever you’re traveling, whether it’s London or Lisbon, Paris or Prague, Shanghai or Sydney, KAHAL will connect you to immersive experiences in your local community or one nearby. Working with local Jewish students, families, organizations, and community leaders, KAHAL will set you up with exciting experiences.