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Tribe 12 Tribes are unique, volunteer-run communities bonded by a common interest or identity. Our Tribes change all the time due to the transient nature of most 20s / 30s lives.

We truly believe there is a Jewish community for everyone. No matter the interest or affinity group, Tribes provide a ton of different outlets for getting involved. And if we don’t have the community you’re seeking, we’ll help you build it! 

Take Lauren, an active member of our Women’s Tribe. She said that she’s “been seeking a community where members can learn, exchange ideas, and support each other in a relaxing setting.” She was excited to find that at our events: “that’s exactly what I get from my Tribe!”

Right now, have about a half dozen active Tribes. Our Tribes are constantly changing so there are always new events and groups popping up! Looking forward, we have volunteers ready to expand our Tribes collection to include a health-focused subgroup for our Women’s Tribe, a new 20-somethings Tribe, and a Theater Tribe. We hope to get to 12 soon! #TribeGoals

Our Tribes host events throughout the year – sometimes on a regular basis (monthly, for example) and sometimes with a bit more random scheduling. Be sure to check our community calendar,, for all upcoming Tribe events. To get involved, click on a Tribe to learn more and submit a contact form! 

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