Menorahs of Instagram

Between the holiday season and Black Friday sales, I’ve been seeing a LOT of cool menorahs on Instagram lately. Whether you’re lighting candles alone or with family, in a small apartment or a roomy house, we’ve got a list of some of the coolest menorahs available on the interwebs. Featuring local shops and online vendors, there’s definitely something for everyone! 


1. T-Rex Menorah

T Rex menorah in silver and gold from The Vanilla Studio
One dino-mite menorah!

2. Emoji Menorah
Emoji menorah from The Modern Tribe

3. Chalkboard Menorah

Chalkboard Menorah propped up on a mantle
Grab a box of chalk and you can draw a flame for each night!

4. Menorah-in-a-box

Menorah in a box that holds candles
Extreme convenience for anyone with minimal storage space

5. Puzzle Menorah

Puzzle menorah that can be assembled in various ways
Its a puzzle AND a menorah!

6. Wine Cork Menorah

A copper menorah is attached to a corn that can be stuck in your wine bottle
Come to think of it, what is the likelihood of needing to recap that wine bottle tho…….?

7. Wall Decal Menorah

Menorah and dreidel wall adhesives
There is nothing quite like functional wall decor, amiright?!

8. Handmade Menorah from local small business

Ornate handmade menorah with Star of David, grapes, and doves with colorful metals
Thank God we once stumbled upon Eyes Gallery while strolling along South Street

9. Lego Menorah

Menorah made of Legos!
Some assembly required.


Notice something we’ve missed?? We’d love to see what you’ve got! Tag us on Facebook or Instagram to share your coolest Menorah finds!


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